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Fun times a'brewin'...

I'm getting schooled!

Jonathan Fraser-Drake
19 January
External Services:
  • jfdrake@livejournal.com
(This is an in-character journal for the Fairgrove University Chronicles game, situated at http://www.livejournal.com/community/fairgrove_u)


Jonathan is a 21, soon to be 22 year old freshman.

More often than not, people will hear Jonathan before they see him, since he’s a very chatty guy. Appearance-wise, Jonathan is 5’10, with a slightly pale complexion and short-ish, wavy, red-brown hair. His build borders between lanky and wiry. His face has few distinctive features, other than slightly pointed ears and a slightly hooked nose. His taste in clothing generally favors the stylish and flashy. Bright or assertive colors dominate his wardrobe, and he's a snappy dresser.

In his Fae seeming, Jonathan’s hair reddens a bit more and he looks like he has a bit more meat on his bones. His ears point more and his nose, curiously enough, hooks even less. He occasionally does wear pants over his satyr legs, which is something of an oddity. His skin takes on a bit more of a reddish blush in his fae seeming, and poking through his forehead and hair are a pair of tan/brown three-inch horns.

His features are generally attractive, but fall short of drop-dead sexy. (Appearance 3)