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Fun times a'brewin'...
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Jonathan Fraser-Drake's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 19th, 2006
9:18 pm
Eureka! (Sunday the 22nd, evening, Jon & Nate's room)
((The following is mostly meant for a scene between Jonathan and Nathan. Others can knock on their room door if they feel so inclined.))

Shortly after dinner-time, Jonathan is back at his room making use of the campus' internet infrastructure on his laptop computer. It's mostly quiet, as Jon's listening to music through headphones and typing slowly and softly, quiet until...

"Hey, Nate, you've got to see this! This is brilliant and we should try making it!"

This is exclaimed perhaps a bit louder than it ought to be owing to the headphone effect.
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
12:35 am
The end of the move (Jan 17, late afternoon)
((This post is open for scening. As it comprises Jon moving into his room, I'm naturally hoping to see something from roommate-Nate, but there's chances for others to jump in on this worked into this. My understanding is there'd be no trouble with virtually anyone dropping my in the late afternoon, guys wing or not, so don't let the gender/other hall barrier stop you if your character would explore these surroundings.))

The morning of the 17th, following the court session the night before, Jonathan checks out of the Lion and Unicorn, and throughout the day is continuing with moving boxes and loose stuff from his aging Acura into the room he's sharing with Nathan. Particularly attentive people might note that he's hauling in some odd things that would generally not be considered as particularly useful or space-efficient for dorm-life, such as a few 5-gallon plastic drums, and boxes containing what sounds like glass bottles.

Carrying a big box down the hall, the elusive last one, he pauses outside his door, fumbling around for the key to the room before opening it and poking his head in, and calling for Nathan.

No answer. Must've missed him for now.

As he gets down to the last load of stuff, he pulls out a sheet of paper and some blu-tac, and scrawls a note, which he sticks up on the doorjamb, which reads:

Welcome! Stop in and meet one of the new guys!

He kicks back on a chair not far from the door, and before long, the sound of a violin issues out of the room into the nearby hallway.
Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
11:18 pm
How soon is now?
Less than a bloody week.

I'd better get my stuff packed up and fast. I'm leaving on the 3rd, and after a marathon drive, it'll be sometime between four to five days before I make it. I should have freaking asked for money to ship my car for Christmas to I could just take a freaking plane and save myself this cross-country road-trip. Fifty hours of driving. No company. Sobriety. Not much time to stop and see the sights. Places to go and no people or things to do. This is so completely going to blow.

Nate, any chance I can meet you sometime in the first week of January? I'll spring for lunch, but I want to get started on the right foot before moving in with you, since while you're not saying it, I think it's a fair bet that this is going to cause you some degree of inconvenience. I'd appreciate a tour around the school and the town, too, if you're up for it.
Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
10:58 am
You're helpful, but by God, you're not helpful.
Still more fun with pre-requisite trouble, though the school was kind enough to inform me. Ethics is getting bumped down to Intro to Philosophy. They Kant be serious.
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
11:11 pm
A childhood friend of mine, incidentally, an Irish Catholic, was born on December 25th. Now, sharing your birthday with Jesus is all well and good. The family's all gathered together and in a good mood, you've got some glorious dinner, and while you're not the only focus of the night's celebrations, it works out OK. My friend, however, always bitched about getting his gifts lumped together without actually getting bigger, scoring half the swag in any given year when the two events were twofered.

As a Scotch Protestant, and an avid watcher of the Peanuts Christmas Special as a child, I always found him to be out of keeping with the spirit of the holiday.

My birthday of January 19th was just removed enough to avoid that problem. I would get two gifts, though my birthday gifts were always comparatively smaller than my Christmas ones. I never had to deal with the twofer. Never, until this year.

My birthday is on the second day of classes, and I'm the diagonal span of the country away from home and the family. The twofer is inevitable, especially since I'm leaving for Pennsylvania just a couple of days after New Year's for a long and leisurely solo road trip. I'm not exactly going to be established, won't have met many people if anyone, and I'm a bit resigned to the fact that this birthday is going to blow, even though I'll try to get people showing up to the dorm room for a party of some kind. I'll have spent so much time alone leading up to it, except for the few days I'll be spending at this bed & breakfast not too far from the school that I have heard is a pretty decent spot to spend a few days before the schoolyear. Such their recruiter mentioned, and recommended I do, anyway. And, having taken him on his word enough to actually go to the school, what's a few days in a bed and breakfast and a few hundred dollars more?

I'm still not over what a fluke it was, or at least seemed to be at the time, to have served this recruiter at my bar, thousands of miles away, and for his pitch to have actually worked. Maybe there's some unseen hand at work here.

Anyway, the birthday's going to be a strange one for me for all sorts of different reasons. I might even remember most of this one, since I'm not cracking open my stash for it since I actually am not thrilled about serving minors alcohol, even as a party guy. It's a bit strange. I think I might be a bit... professional.

It's not just the birthday, the family's rushing to accomodate this because I'm upping and leaving. It's not about age or maturity so much as this is new, and in a way, frightening.

It's all happening soon, too. Christmas is in a week, New Year's a week after, and then it's pretty well go time.

Monday, December 12th, 2005
11:24 pm
What do you mean the rum is gone?
I've started sorting out which things I'll bring with to Fairgrove and which not, and I have no idea how I'm fitting all of this stuff into my freaking hatchback. I've got a lot of stuff I'd like to bring that just takes up a ton of space:

A duffle bag of clothes.
My violin, flute, mandolin, and bagpipe trainer (lucky you, Nate, I don't own a full-set of pipes, and my dad'd never let me touch his).
Some of the top-shelf liquor and fancy wine I've collected over the years.
Four 5-gallon drums.
A schoolbag and the laptop my folks bought for me so I can exploit campus wireless and surf the net in class.
The family waffle iron, which I'm swiping because I'm the only one who uses it and waffles are the breakfast of champions, damnit.
Anything else I can think of that I'll actually need.

In my tiny Acura hatchback. Not looking good. Not at all.

By the way, Nate, what's the deal on alcohol in the dorms for legal aged students? I don't want some dickweed RA swiping my good stuff. You I'll share with in exchange for you shutting the hell up about it if it comes to that.

Actually, if you could give me the run-down on dorm life in general, I'd really appreciate it. I have many questions, including but not limited to:

1) How's the privacy?
2) How's the soundproofing?
3) How're the ladies?
4) How likely is it you're going to outrageously take the first three questions out of context in combination?
5) How're the people?
6) How're the parties?
7) What else should I know going in?

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, December 11th, 2005
9:51 pm
The university registration process is much more complicated than I previously thought. I've got to drop Chemistry of Winemaking til next semester thanks to Intro Chem being a pre-requisite rather than a co-requisite. Oops.

I swapped into Ethics. I'll have to take it eventually, so why not now. Schedule now looks like this:

Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Culinary Arts
Writing and Thinking
Sociology of Gender
3:39 am
Verses of curses
I worked late tonight, and I didn't end things on a good note when I pretty well dropped the break-up bomb on Jessica (who is a waitress I was seeing for a couple of intense months). I suppose I could have held off on that until right before leaving, but I'd like to move on to a new phase of life with a clean slate. Call me selfish. I leave just after New Year's. Actually, I'm revising that estimate. I'm leaving on the 3rd, to be certain that I'm not starting a nearly week-long cross-country drive hung over. My aging car had better be able to handle an epic journey. I've taken good enough care of it. Why am I taking a six day drive over a six-hour flight? Because I want my car with me when I'm in East Central Nowhere, PA, damnit. It might afford me a way to get out of East Central Nowhere on the weekends. That reminds me, the car's starting a new phase in life, so I should get the upholstered bits steam cleaned. Rust-proofed, too, since I'm going somewhere with bloody snow. I'm also leaving early so I can get a feel for the surroundings and get over the car-lag before school actually starts.

Getting back to calling me selfish, she certainly did, and not without cause. She was mighty ticked, but I know she'll be over it quickly. You don't spend years as a bartender and not get pretty decent at reading people. I give her a couple of weeks of mopey-time, and then she'll hand her phone number off to a client or a school-mate or something. It didn't seem that way when she was shrieking at me while I was driving her home, but I guess that was just a dumb move on my part. The timing could have been better. The timing can always be better. A little rationalization and a big quaff of Port helped calm me down some. I'm not going to enjoy packing those bottles into a box.

Speaking of school-mates, I'm really at a loss for what to expect on that. Classes are one thing, but people... holy hell, lad, what'd you get into there? Having the roommate'll work out, hoefully. At least I'll get introduced to some people, and as long as I don't pigeonhole myself, it'll go OK. I just don't want to ask what can possibly go wrong, since I'm sure that'd prompt fate to display exactly that in gruesome occurrences.

By the way, Nathan, I tracked your journal down and friended you, so when you notice that, don't be shy to drop a line here, and don't be alarmed.

Current Mood: moody
Friday, December 9th, 2005
12:01 am
Eleventh Hour
I heard back from Fairgrove tonight after getting home from work. Their housing director emailed to let me know that I'll be rooming with another Culinary Arts guy I met over Orientation, Nathan Rose. Living with the aristocracy is going to be an experience and a half, but he seems like an OK guy from what limited conversations we've had so far. It's going to be a non-stop gastronomic party, with a foodie like him and a drink man like me sharing the place, though. Which hall we're living in is still up in the air, because they apparently shuffle their freshmen around a whole lot more than what University-going friends here have led me to believe normally happens. I should hear back soon.

Frankly, that's cool by me. It's not as if I actually care which hall I'm living at, since I'll just make nice with whoever throws the good parties, wherever they live, get myself invited for a good time and life's a slice. Meeting people in classes, including the huge proportion of Gen Ed ones, will be great, but a roommate will give me an added boost.

How I'm going to manage my time is up in the air, since I've already secured employment a short drive from the school, but I'll look after the important stuff. I find I can't just stop working after three-and-a-half years of full-timing. I enjoy bar work too much.
Monday, December 5th, 2005
12:07 am
When I decided not to go on to school or the military after high school, I thought it'd be permanent. I'd had enough of school. Now, I'm leaving a job I've held for the last few years to ship across the country to this small university neither I or anyone I know had heard of. It's almost a fool's errand, but I'm ready for it. Besides, if I fail out, I've always got the old job in California waiting for me.

It's sure to be weird.

Courses I'm set to start mid-January are:

Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Culinary Arts
Writing and Thinking (things I need help with)
Sociology of Gender (where I'll surely be stuck arguing with idiot militant feminists)
Chemistry of Winemaking


Current Mood: anxious
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